Anterra’s growth is built on our customers’ success using our software.  As we prepare a for a big marketing campaign we are interviewing our clients to see how we have helped them and what impact Business Intelligence has had on their organization.  We’re seeing clients bring up a benefit we never anticipated – closer teamwork between the finance/accounting and project management groups.

We usually start our BI implementations with the finance and accounting teams as we can reduce or eliminate spreadsheets for month end reporting.  This has given mid and upper level accounting staff the time to investigate variances proactively  and look for situations where they can help project managers.  By bringing possible issues and cost savings to project managers the perception that accounting only asks for what they need ends.  Project managers now seek the advice and input of the accounting team.   Our construction BI give project managers insight into issues quickly so miscoded invoices are more easily identified.

I’ve been in literally hundreds of construction company offices and the issue of accounting and construction teams being in silos is often brought up as a strategic issue.  It turns out that eliminating mechanical spreadsheet work and increasing the time available to both groups through better reporting can bring the teams together as they share the same goal of project success.