The Microsoft Surface Pro tablet will blur the line between tablets like the iPad and laptop computers. For construction and real estate users this finally means an ultra portable device that turns on instantly with the ability to save files in folders and work on construction documents and leases in Microsoft Word and Excel. You will also be able to run any windows program.

I think this is a game changer for people that visit construction sites or properties as part of their jobs. Our construction and real estate dashboards, scorecards and drill through reports will shine on this device, making project and leasing managers more productive. 

David Pogue of the NY Times is one of the most thoughtful reviewers of technology today. He’s known to be a big Apple fan and has not been kind to Microsoft products in the past but sees the Surface Pro as the first device to answer the question we all have on our way out the door each morning – “Hmm, should I take my laptop or my iPad?” an then we all take both.

In describing the dual role of laptop or tablet Pogue writes “Microsoft has pulled out all the stops to make sure that you’re not disappointed in either of the two functions, tablet or PC. The screen is dazzling: bright, crisp and responsive. It has 1,080 by 1,920 pixels, also known as 1080p high definition. But when you connect it to a TV or external computer monitor, it manages to output an even bigger desktop — 2,550 by 1,440. That you can use it at home as your main PC is only the first indication that Microsoft intends for this tablet to go head-to-head with actual computers. Another is the speed: it’s fast. Big apps like the Office apps open in just over one second. Programs switch fast and run fast.”

The Surface Pro will be available at Best Buy, Staples and Microsoft Stores on Feb 9th.

For the full preview of the Surface Pro visit David Pogue’s article here.