We work with construction and real estate companies every day to improve their reporting and provide an over-arching reporting system.   I’ve talked to many IT managers about their technology and what resources they use to stay on top of ever changing technology.  Several of them mention TechRepublic.  It’s a site I scan every day and often find reviews of new hardware and software along with IT trends and best practices.

As an example here are some topics from today’s home page that would help construction and real estate IT managers and directors keep up with technology changes:

  1. 10 things to do with old computing equipment
  2. Setting up a cloud?  Ebay reveals 5 key steps
  3. How to set up printing from tablets and phones
  4. What the next evolution of IT means for your job
  5. Surface Pro preview – Triple-play UI is its best innovation

If you haven’t seen TechRepublic you can check it out by clicking here.