HOUSTON, Nov. 7, 2012 – Anterra Technology, a strategic management and reporting software company to the construction and real estate industries, today announced that its customer, Georgiou, a growing a civil infrastructure, building construction and property development company with projects across Australia, has realized a significant competitive advantage from implementing Anterra’s Business Intelligence solutions.

Georgiou, which employs nearly 1,000 people, recently decided that they needed to gain a deeper view into the financial metrics associated with each of their projects as well as their entire portfolio of work.

Using the anterraBI™ solution, Georgiou now has a real time, detailed view into the financial performance of specific projects resulting in a significant reduction in the overall risk to the business from unforeseen issues.

“Since implementing Anterra, we now have easy access to key performance indicators including any variances from plan for each of our projects,” said Chris Laurent, Georgiou’s Controller. “In addition the time that our finance team used to spend on spreadsheet-based reporting is now invested in analyzing projects and processes. This has broken down the wall between finance and construction where project managers now come to us looking for help in proactively identifying project issues. We work as a cohesive team with project management and are focused together on project success.”

The Challenge

Georgiou needed improved insight into the financial status of each of its projects including profitability and current performance to plan. Equally as important, Georgiou needed a method to provide quick, mobile access to this information to both the accounting and project management teams to speed up decision making. Additionally, Georgiou wanted to produce reports faster, eliminate time spent creating spreadsheets, and increase overall information quality.

The Solution

Georgiou had already implemented anterraDataCenter™ which consolidates data from Georgiou’s Sage Timberline Office folders into a single Microsoft SQL™ data warehouse. This extended the life of their accounting system and saved the cost and time of conversion to a full ERP.

Georgiou then selected anterraBI™ to produce reports that would align staff to key performance indicators through intuitive dashboards, scorecards and reports, provide a clear understanding of project margin and cost status, cost and commitment status and cash position, and create an in depth look at other critical data including profitability and profit gain or erosion by job type, region, job size, or project manager.


Business benefits realized by Georgiou as a result of implementing Anterra’s solutions include:

  • Daily analysis and information on projects in an easy-to-consume format
  • Risk mitigation due to the elimination of unforeseen project challenges
  • Reduction of the time to produce reports from hours to seconds. A set of key payroll reports that took 10 hours to produce are now available within seconds.
  • Tighter communication between project management, accounting and other key decision makers
  • Mobile access for project managers into mission-critical job information via web browser or iPad
  • Industry expertise from Anterra’s seasoned team of construction and real estate experts

“Anterra’s solutions have given Georgiou a competitive advantage by ensuring that we have immediate access to the information we need to run our projects more smoothly and successfully than other companies,” added Errol Keyt, Georgiou’s chief financial officer. “This speed in strategic decision making combined with significant enhancements in our internal communication and collaboration is helping Georgiou to continue on its growth trajectory and improve its profit margins.”
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