Improve Your Financial Reporting With Budget Scenarios

Prepare Mid-Year Budget Reforecasts or Multiple Scenarios for Annual Budget

The Anterra Advantage

Anterra provides enterprise quality financial dashboards and reports. Many companies are preparing 2020 mid year reforecasted budgets due to COVID uncertainty.  You may want to prepare multiple versions of your 2021 budget to proactively manage through a possible downturn.  Anterra has pre-built reporting that lets you analyze multiple budget scenarios.

Here are examples of budget scenarios:

  • Base Case:  Your best guess at what will happen.
  • Upside Case:  Your base case revenue + 20-25% – things go better than anticipate
  • Downside Case:  Your base case revenue – 20-25% – your revenue drops due to reduced economic activity

In each case you will analyze gross margin and operating profit to proactively see if your margin covers your overhead.  Anterra makes this easy with pre-built scenario comparisons:

  • YTD Actual Results to Date + Each Scenario by Month:  Automatic projection of your fiscal year’s results combining your actual results to the last closed month with each budget scenario.
  • Columnar Scenario Comparison Income Statement:   Each scenario’s projected result is displayed in a column along with last year’s actual result to instantly see how your revenue, gross margin, operating profit and net income work out under each scenario. Example below.

We have prepared a white paper on preparing budget scenarios and risk mitigation strategies – you can download it here

Financial Dashboards

Cost and Budget to Actual Trend Analytics

You can build any financial trend graph you like in Anterra.  Graphs are built on your chart of accounts and can analyze any financial ratio graph with any ratio calculation and its covenant to s. When you click on a graph you drill through the calculation all the way to transactions.

Examples of trend analytics to keep you on top of your performance:

  • Revenue and Gross Margin
  • Gross Margin, Operating Profit Percentage of Revenue
  • Fixed and Variable G & A Expenses

Here is an example of General and Administrative Expense Trends

Slide See how Anterra’s Financial BI can eliminate complex
spreadsheets and help you close your month faster.

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