Service Management BI for Sage 300 CRE

We have pre-built and build your own drill through reports and analytics that connect to your Sage 300 Service Management Data.

We give you the reporting you’ve always wanted!

The Anterra Advantage

Anterra provides enterprise quality service management reporting to you at a fraction of the cost.  We deliver world class reporting across your organization.  anterraBI™ contains drill through dashboards, grids, financial statements, scorecards and analytic tools to quickly see where you are performing outside of your plan.

Anterra solutions are designed to empower people with actionable information.   We accomplish this goal by delivering

  • Mobile BI  Our browser based dashboards with drill down capability enable you to get to the source information instantly from wherever you are. Access AnterraBI from your iPad or computer.
  • Ease of use anterraBI’s  interface is built by people with extensive Service Management and Construction experience along with feedback from industry leading companies.
  • Rapid Deployment  With over 200 prebuilt dashboards and reports our clients receive immediate ROI. (read our customer success stories here)
  • Cost Effectiveness  Our cloud based offering means no additional cost for hardware and no additional burden on your IT staff to maintain our application.

Here are some highlights on how we improve your service and construction company reporting, eliminate manually prepared spreadsheets from your organization and help you manage the risk of your business:

Service Management Dashboards and Reports

Overview Video

Work Order Profitability – Build / Save / Share your own SM Reports

Build your own reports to show work order profitability over any range of dates by:

  • Salesperson
  • Technician
  • Customer
  • Customer location
  • Agreement
  • Division
  • Call Type
  • Problem Code
  • Geography – city, state, zip
  • Any combination of items:  Salesperson/Technician, Customer/Technician, Problem Code/Technican

With Anterra you are finally able to see where you make and lose money in service management.  You can build any number of profitability reports and share them with other users.  or build them for yourself.

Here’s an example of profitability by Salesperson by Customer for this quarter

Click on the picture for an enlarged view

Here’s an example of profitability by Customer by Agreement for the last 12 months

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Service Management Accounts Receivable with Work Order Drill Through

With Anterra you can instantly see Accounts Receivable from both Service Management and Construction invoicing. You can drill to the invoice number to see invoicing and payment activity. For SM invoices click on the Work Orders button to drill to all of the work orders associated with an invoice.

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Agreement Renewal / Expiry Analysis

Agreements are the life blood of a service organization. We give you full visibility into your agreements by customer, by sales person, by customer location or any other attribute. You can build and save as many reports as you like. Grids are shared with your colleagues or each person can build grids for themselves. This allows managers to monitor individual customers or sales people.
You can look at agreement expiry forward or backward in time by month, quarter, year or a custom date range. With Anterra you finally have visibility into your agreement renewals.

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Sales Commission Reporting

Calculating sales commissions on work orders and service jobs can be one of the most time consuming and manual processes in your organization. We can calculate commissions based on invoices issued in a month or on a “pay when paid” method based on invoices that become fully paid in a month. Call us to discuss how we can automate your commission process.

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Customer Success Stories

Construction and Real Estate Success Stories

We’ve helped many construction companies, real estate developers who manage construction and real estate owners improve their businesses through our pre-built reporting.

Click here to go to our customer success story page or click here to go to our real estate BI home page.

Call us at (832) 539 1400 and press 1 for information or fill out our contact us form form for more information.

anterraBI™ improves your reporting and gets everyone at your company using the same vocabulary to measure service and project success. Here are the features that will give you a competitive advantage:

      • We provide a single source of truth for your reporting.  Stop wasting time in meetings debating where numbers come from.
      • Our reporting is available anywhere, period.  You can access it on any computer (PC or Mac) or on your iPad.  No more logging into VPN’s or remote desktops, access is instant.
      • We have worked with service and construction companies around the world to develop reporting with built in best practices.
      • We can report across multiple systems.  This helps eliminate management by spreadsheet.
      • We’ve developed a data cube that lets us do trend analysis so you know where you are heading. .
      • We use the best Microsoft reporting technology available.  Let us manage the technology while you focus on your business.

To find out for yourself, call us at (832) 539 1400 and press 1 for information or fill out our contact us form form for more information.

“Anterra has eliminated spreadsheets in our financial reporting. We had taken a serious look at replacing our accounting system but decided that the combination of Timberline for financial and property accounting together with Anterra for management reporting and analytics is the best solution available. Anterra’s powerful reporting and business intelligence is transforming our organization.”
Trademark Property Company, Texas

“With annual construction revenue in excess of $500,000,000 it is essential that we cut through the clutter quickly and efficiently to make good informed business decisions. Anterra helps us do this. Anterra provides us transparent, accurate and timely information which immediately impacts our bottom line.”
Georgiou, Perth Australia

To find out for yourself, call us at (832) 539 1400 and press 1 for information or fill out our contact us form form for more information.

Anterra – Georgiou Group Success Story

Frequently asked Questions

How much does anterraBI™ cost?
anterraBI™ is priced on a named user basis. There are 3 components to a quotation: a) an annual hosting fee per named user with volume discounts b) an annual data transfer / storage fee and c) an implementation fee based on deployment of our standard reports plus customizations you would like. We will be happy to prepare a quotation after we understand the number of users and implementation requirements.
Are licenses concurrent or named user?
anterraBI™ licenses are issued per named user as the underlying platform is Microsoft. This allows user and group based security.
Can reports be customized in anterraBI™??
Yes, our reports can be customized per client or we can create reports based on client designs. Our technology includes an OLAP data cube so we can build virtually any report desired.
My data isn’t very clean. How will anterraBI™ work if the data isn’t clean?
Every client of every size has data quality and governance issues. We find that most issues are simple to clean up with a few hours work. For example the name of a project manager may be TSmith on one project and Tony Smith on another. During the implementation we provide reports to assist in data clean up. Once our BI reports are in use the data processes settle in quickly to keep data clean. For example gross margin or profit erosion reports by project manager will quickly show multiple spellings of project manager names.
How long is a typical implementation?
We implement Financial, Construction and Real Estate BI in the priority of each client. Each implementation is typically a few days of consulting time per module with a few hours of the client’s time required.

Anterra provides us transparent, accurate and timely information which immediately impacts our bottom line.”
Georgiou Group, $500MM+ Construction Company