Overview Video

Every company that issues invoices to customers manages AR Collections.    Most companies download AR Aging reports to a spreadsheet and update notes, then email the spreadsheet around.  Phone calls to collectors are rampant as AR invoice payments drive cash flow and sales commissions.

Stop the madness with Anterra’s AR Collection Management System:

  1. AR Collections set up AR Action items with a due date for each invoice.  Action items can be scheduled out and appear on a calendar.  If a customer says the check will be cut Friday set the action item due date for the following Wednesday
  2. AR Action Items display on a calendar, helping collectors organize their follow up
  3. AR Action Items appear on the AR Aging Grid, anyone with access to the grid sees who the action item is assigned to, the last note and the next due date.  This eliminates spreadsheets and phone calls.
  4. AR Action items are automatically closed when the invoice is paid.

e) AR Collection Management notifies users when they have been assigned a new action item and when action items are closed by payments.

Detailed Video

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