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We have pre-built dashboards that connect to your accounting system.


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The Anterra Advantage

Anterra provides enterprise quality financial and real estate dashboards and reports to you at a fraction of the cost.  We deliver world class reporting across your organization.  anterraBI™ contains drill through financial statements, real estate dashboards, scorecards and analytic tools to quickly see where you are performing outside of your plan.

Anterra solutions are designed to empower people with actionable information. We accomplish this goal by delivering

  • Mobile BI. Our browser based dashboards with drill down capability enable you to get to the source information instantly from wherever you are. Access AnterraBI from your iPad or computer.
  • Easy to use. anterraBI’s interface is built by people with extensive Real Estate experience along with feedback from industry leading companies.
  • Rapid Deployment. With over 200 prebuilt dashboards and reports our clients receive immediate ROI. (read our customer success stories here)
  • Cost Effective. Our cloud based offering means no additional cost for hardware and no additional burden on your IT staff to maintain our application.

Real Estate Dashboards and Reports

Portfolio and Property Lease Expiry Analysis

See your future lease expiry trends by portfolio and property on dashboards over your selected future time horizon.  Our graphs include expiring annual rent so you focus on the lease expiries that have the biggest top line impact.  Click on our screen shots to see how we can bring clarity to your leasing process:


Portfolio and Property NOI Analysis

Understand your NOI variance trends (both positive and negative) and drill through to our consolidated income statements to your underlying transactions.  We bring transparency and clarity to your monitoring of property performance giving you a clear view of where you are compared to your plan.  Your properties can belong to an unlimited number of portfolios to allow you to analyze variance by ownership, property type, city, state or any other desired grouping you like.

Top Property and Top Tenant Analysis

Benchmark your properties and tenants by key performance indicators like AR, NOI and expiring rent.  Get your stars and dogs aligned.

Financial Dashboards and Reports

Automated Drill-Through Consolidated Financials

  • Online drill through statements with the appropriate level of drill down for your CEO, CFO, Board Members or Managers.  This eliminates the need for them to call to see “what’s in this number?”
  • Our statements export to Excel instantly with your account groupings for you to perform additional analysis.
  • Consolidate general ledger data from multiple sources (stop importing transactions from one system to another, drill into 2 systems from one statement)

Drill Through Variance Analysis

We identify which properties have the largest positive and negative budget to actual variances for both year to date and trailing 12 months so you can investigate.  Our roadmap includes variance comment tracking so you can stop entering comments in Excel.

Cash Management

We have drill through cash trend graphs to eliminate daily cash reporting spreadsheets and let you see your balances over time by consolidation group.

Customer Success Stories

Real Estate Customer Success Stories

We’ve helped many construction companies, real estate developers who manage construction and real estate owners improve their businesses through our pre-built reporting.

Click here to go to our customer success story page or click here to go to our Construction BI home page.

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anterraBI™ improves your reporting and gets everyone at your real estate company using the same vocabulary to measure your success. Here are the features that will give you a competitive advantage:

  • We provide a single source of truth for your reporting. Stop wasting time in meetings debating where numbers come from.
  • Our reporting is available anywhere, period. You can access it on any computer (PC or Mac) or on your iPad. No more logging into VPN’s or remote desktops, access is instant.
  • We have worked with real estate developers and owners around the world to develop reporting with built in best practices.
  • We can report across multiple systems. This helps eliminate management by spreadsheet.
  • We’ve developed a data cube that lets us do trend analysis so you know where you are heading. We have trend graphs for financial ratios, net income budget vs. actual by company, portfolio and property AR, NOI, lease expiry and occupancy.
  • We use the best Microsoft reporting technology available. Let us manage the technology while you focus on your business.

Call us at (832) 539 1400 and press 1 for information or fill out our contact us form form for more information.

anterraBI™ has dozens of pre-built dashboards and drill through grids for real estate. Here are some examples:

Lease Expiry Analysis Video

AR Aging Video

Occupancy Reporting Video

Anterra – Trademark Success Story

“Anterra has eliminated spreadsheets in our financial reporting. We had taken a serious look at replacing our accounting system but decided that the combination of Timberline for financial and property accounting together with Anterra for management reporting and analytics is the best solution available. Anterra’s powerful reporting and business intelligence is transforming our organization.”
Trademark Property Company, Texas

“With annual construction revenue in excess of $500,000,000 it is essential that we cut through the clutter quickly and efficiently to make good informed business decisions. Anterra helps us do this. Anterra provides us transparent, accurate and timely information which immediately impacts our bottom line.”
Georgiou, Perth Australia

Call us at (832) 539 1400 and press 1 for information or fill out our contact us form form for more information.

Anterra has ELIMINATED spreadsheets in our financial reporting”
Trademark Property Compnay, Texas