Connect Sage Timberline Office to SQL!

We synchronize all of your Timberline data from all modules from all data folders into a single SQL database. Synchronizations are fast and can be done continuously or on a regular schedule.

We empower you to do whatever you want with your data!

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anterraDataCenter™ connects Sage Timberline Office to a Microsoft SQL™ database.  This empowers you to use the data however you like and lets you:

1. Increase complex report speed dramatically – reports run in seconds off large data files
2. Connect an Excel spreadsheet to multiple Timberline data folders at one time
3. Run reports that combine information and results from multiple Timberline data folders
4. Use Crystal or SSRS Reports to publish information to the Sage Timberline Office Desktop, to Microsoft SharePoint™ or to your company’s intranet

Call us at (832) 539 1400 and press 1 for information or fill out our contact us form form for more information.

”You guys have a fantastic product here. I am loving Anterra. I’ve gotten our AR report down to a 3 second load – from the 6.5 hours that it used to take. Our AP report clocks in even faster, in milliseconds instead of hours. I am also able to create formatted Excel reports in under a minute now, that can be distributed internally and via web.”– Rockford Construction, Michigan

“Within two years of using Timberline, our Timberline database had become too large to report efficiently, diminishing reporting capabilities. anterraDataCenter™ changed all that. Now, not only do our Crystal Reports return data within a small fraction of the time previously required, but the front end SQL Server query capabilities have opened up possibilities for even more powerful and sophisticated reports. For any Timberline user who is serious about getting the most out of their Timberline data, anterraDataCenter™ is a must-have.”– Basco Drywall, California

“What a relief! No more multi-database reporting. The anterraDataCenter™ software tool makes the integration from Pervasive to SQL a non-event. Our employees can now view reports on a web page, utilizing Microsoft SQL Reporting Services, with data from our Timberline data sources. Seamless! What a great tool!”– Lang Masonry Contractors, Inc., Ohio

“Best Timberline Add-On we could have bought. It allows us to get data out easily and efficiently to be used in our day-to-day reporting throughout the company. Also, it came through as a backup when our whole Timberline database was wiped out and we had no clean backups”– Burroughs & Chapin, South Carolina

General Questions

How long has anterraDataCenter™ been around?
anterraDataCenter™ was developed in 2004 by Circle Software and was called CircleDataCenter. The same staff that designed and built the product at Circle are now at Anterra and have been continuously supporting the product since it was created.
How much does anterraDataCenter™ cost?
anterraDataCenter™ has 4 levels – Starter, Standard, Professional and Enterprise. The levels relate to the number of gigabytes of Sage Timberline Office data you have. Contact us if you would like a price quote or assistance in determining your amount of data.
Can I use my existing Crystal reports with the SQL database created by anterraDataCenter™?
Yes!! All of your existing Crystal reports that work with Sage Timberline Office data will work with the SQL database. You need to change the data connection to point the report at your SQL database and may have to change a few date formats. We have a video showing how to make the changes – click here to send a request for our video.
How long does an evaluation copy take to set up?
It usually takes 30 to 45 minutes to set up an evaluation copy. Your first synchronization will take about an hour per gigabyte of data, a full daily update usually takes about 10-12 minutes.

Data Synchronization

Which Timberline modules can you synchronize to SQL?
All Sage Timberline Office data is synchonized to SQL. This includes all of the accounting modules (GL, JC, AP, PR, AR, BL, CN, CM, EQ, PJ and PM) plus all additional modules (Service Management, Purchasing and Inventory).
How long does it take to update?
Most clients complete update of all of data entered in a day take 10 to 12 minutes, a typical table group updates in a couple of minutes.
Is all data synchronized every time??
No, only data that has been changed since the last update is synchronized. anterraDataCenter self reconciles to ensure all data tables in SQL align with the Pervasive data folders.
How often is data synchronized?
Data is sychronized on a scheduled basis, on a continual basis or an icon can be set up on a user’s desktop to run on demand. You can synchronize all data or create groups of tables that you want to synchronize more frequently.


How complicated is the installation?
We install the software with you, it typically takes 30 to 45 minutes depending on your network set up.
I have an evaluation key and want to purchase the software – do I have to reinstall?
No re-installation is necessary when you purchase the software, we simply send you an active license key.

SQL Questions

Which versions of Microsoft SQL Server is anterraDataCenter compatible with?
Microsoft SQL Server 2016, SQL Server 2016 Express Edition, SQL Server 2014, SQL Server 2014 Express Edition, SQL Server 2012, SQL Server 2012 Express Edition, SQL Server 2008 R2, SQL Server 2008 R2 Express Edition.
I don’t own Microsoft SQL – do I need to buy it to use anterraDataCenter??
If you have less than 10 GB of Sage Timberline Office data you can download Microsoft SQL Express – it’s FREE!

ADC Prerequisites Guide

What a relief! No more multi-database reporting. The anterraDataCenter™ software tool makes the integration from Pervasive to SQL a non-event. Our employees can now view reports on a web page, utilizing Microsoft SQL Reporting Services, with data from our Timberline data sources. Seamless! What a great tool! Lang Masonary Contractors