Anterra’s comprehensive Corporate Performance Management (CPM) platform for Construction synthesizes your ERP’s accounting data into actionable business intelligence.


Anterra CPM for Construction

Corporate Performance Management for Construction

Anterra revolutionizes decision-making in construction. As a comprehensive business intelligence platform, Anterra offers a suite of features including:

  • Financial Reporting: Detailed financial statements, including balance sheets and income statements, with drill-down capabilities to transaction details.
  • Project Forecasting: Tools for accurate job forecasting, helping to predict project outcomes and financial health.
  • Automated WIP Reporting: Work In Progress reports for insights into the ongoing status of projects, helping to manage costs and timelines effectively.
  • AR Collection Management: Streamlined accounts receivable process, improving cash flow through better collection practices.
  • Data Integration: Seamlessly aggregated data from various sources, providing a unified view of your company’s performance.

These features give construction and financial professionals the clarity and control needed to drive businesses forward.


The Secret Sauce in CPM? Data Engineering!


Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and Data Engineering are two critical components that work hand-in-hand to drive business success, especially in a data-intensive industry like construction.


Anterra Data Center (ADC) collects and stores financial data, while the Anterra CPM Platform converts that data into visualized business intelligence. 



By aggregating data from ERP systems and project management tools, ADC becomes a unified data repository ready for analysis.


Once the data is collected, data engineering techniques are applied to clean, process, and structure the data. This step is crucial for maintaining the integrity and accuracy of the data, which directly impacts the quality of CPM outcomes.


With a solid data foundation, Anterra’s CPM platform performs advanced analytics. It translates raw data into meaningful metrics and KPIs that reflect the financial health and performance of your construction projects.


By providing a clear picture of the current performance and predictive forecasts, Anterra enables companies to make informed strategic decisions that align with their financial goals.


Anterra CPM Platform Widgets


Choose from  Hundreds of Pre-Built Functions


The Anterra Platform features an extensive collection of pre-designed Widgets tailored for Construction and Finance, streamlining your data analysis and reporting. 

For Construction: Widgets draw data directly from your ERP’s construction module, offering insights into job-specific accounts payable and more.

For Finance: Widgets utilize data from the general ledger module, providing a clear picture of financial transactions, including intercompany accounts receivable and job-related AR.

BYO: With Anterra CPM, you’re not limited to pre-built options. You have the freedom to create custom graphs, bar charts, or pie charts to visualize data exactly how you need it.


Clients’ Favorite Widgets

* Financial Widgets in Green | Construction Widgets in Yellow *


Cash Balance


Net Income

AR Trend

AP Trend

Revenue Trend

Job Margin Gain/Erosion

Job Cost Status

WIP Management Automation

AR by Job

Labor Hours by Pay Period

Job Cash Position

Work Backlog

Labor Rate Variance

Procurement Status

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