Standardized View Across Your Jobs

Anterra’s Dashboards provide real-time data based on customized dashboards based on your KPIs.

Unlock Analytics Beyond Your Financial ERP's Limitations

Hundreds of Widgets Drillable to Transaction Level

Monitor Job Margin, Fade/Gain, Cash Position, Labor Rate Variance, Procurements, and more...


kpis for construction

Empower PMs & Executives with Real-Time Insights & Analytics


Mix pre-built and self-built widgets to tailor the dashboard to your specific needs and preferences.

03User Role-Based Security

Widgets populate based on security-role profiles.

03Comprehensive Analytics

Widgets designed for construction, finance, and service management give a holistic view of the business in a unified platform.

03Collaborate — or Not!

Share dashboards for a consistent view across the team or create individual dashboards for private management.


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Build Your Own Construction Dashboards

Build dashboards from a large selection of key performance indicators.

  • Dashboards contain graphs and tables for key performance indicators (KPIs) not available in your Accounting system of record
  • Monitor job margin Gain/Fade, job cash position, labor rate variance, remaining to procure, and other key risks in construction
  • Create shared Dashboards to provide a consistent and standard way of looking at the business
  • User-built dashboards “My Dashboards” based on reporting needs and information available to users through security setup

Construction dashboards can combine information from your job cost accounting system and Procore. Dashboard security can also be set by PMs so they only see their jobs. 

Dashboards can be filtered by:

  • Company/Division
  • Project Manager
  • Date
  • Job
Construction Dashboard Preview

Clients’ Favorite Widgets

* Financial Widgets in Green | Construction Widgets in Yellow *


AP Trend

Work Backlog

Cash Balance

Cash Trend

Monthly & Cumulative Revenue Report

Job Cost Status

AR Trend

Construction Cash

Job Cash Position

Labor Hours by Pay Period

WIP Management Automation

Job Margin Gain/Erosion

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