Revitalize Your Legacy Solution!

Anterra CPM provides a business intelligence layer that revitalizes Vista by Viewpoint data with advanced analytics, dashboards, and reporting tools.

Anterra boosts Vista by Viewpoint by enabling more effective forecasting, profitability analysis, and cash flow management, ensuring that strategic decisions are data-driven and impactful.

    Accelerate Acumatica

    Expand Vista by Viewpoint with Anterra


    Full Integration

    Anterra’s integration with Acumatica offers a complete business intelligence suite that complements Vista’s capabilities.


    Advanced Financials

    Gain access to sophisticated dashboards, pivot grids, job forecasting, and WIP management tools that streamline financial processes.


    Data Synchronization

    Setting up Viewpoint Access via VPN allows fast and easy data synchronization, ensuring that your Anterra and Vista data are always aligned.


    Invoice Synchronization

    Simplify the matching of AP invoices from Viewpoint to invoice images extracted from Vista, making the financial tracking more efficient.



     Viewpoint Vista Powered by Anterra

    Discover Anterra CPM Modules, Features, and Reports for Vista by Viewpoint

    Dive into the unique capabilities of Sage 300 CRE, enhanced by Anterra’s unparalleled integration. Anterra stands alone in its ability to layer Corporate Performance Management tailored for construction processes on to Vista.


    Engage with our interactive icons below to explore each module in-depth, many with video demonstrations and handy tips & tricks to streamline your construction management experience.

    Construction Dashboards

    Build custom Construction Dashboards with KPIs to gain insights beyond what your accounting system offers.

    Visualize critical data through graphs and tables, track construction-specific risks such as job margin gain/fade, cash positions, labor rate variances, and procurement needs.

    Share dashboards for a unified business perspective or create individualized “My Dashboards” tailored to role requirements and data permissions.

    WIP Management

    WIP Reporting in Anterra provides a robust framework for managing and reporting Work in Progress for your construction project.

    A comprehensive suite of tools can be customized and/or filtered to reflect various project stages and activities, providing a real-time snapshot of financial health and progress.

    Additionally, with the WIP Management Grid, leadership can manually adjust revenue recognition, ensuring accurate financial statements.

    AR Collections

    Anterra’s AR Collection Management is a powerful tool designed to streamline the accounts receivable process for construction and specialty contractors.

    Move away from spreadsheets, and reduce the constant phone calls trying to collect payments. You can email invoices directly to customers while on a call, facilitating faster payments.

    AR Collections provides a clear view of outstanding balances, enables efficient actions on collections, and ultimately improves cash flow.

    Job Forecasting

    Anterra’s Job Forecasting provides a clear view of the financial health of projects, enabling proactive risk management.

    The Job Forecasting Hub includes a comprehensive suite of forecasting options, such as job, sub-job, cost type, and cost category.

    Enter forecasts directly or through a detailed pop-up builder, track job margin gain/fade, monitor cash positions, and analyze labor rate variances, the hub empowers users to make informed decisions.

    Consolidated Financial Statements

    Enterprise-quality Financial Reports in Anterra CPM contain drill-through financial dashboards and statements, construction dashboards and reports, real estate dashboards, scorecards, and analytic tools.

    With Anterra Statement Builder, you can create consolidated financials from multiple systems. Statements export to Excel instantly with your account groupings for you to perform additional analysis.

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